Imagine if the SOLUTION to be Fit’n’Fab in mind, body and/or health permanently is 100% attainable? Would you want it?

Before we give you the answer, we want to provide you with some important history to help you understand why this solution is guaranteed to work.

Additionally, we hope you’ve completed the 7-Minute Mind, Body and Health Goals Workshop as that will help you dissect your personal goal and realize why you need this solution.

Years ago, Cassandra created a 24-week jaw dropping results program referred to as Team 2xtreme Divas for novice bodybuilders, bikini and transformation competitors to get in better physical shape and showcase their results to spectators or celebrate their achievement with a photoshoot.

Dozens of women in groups underwent aggressive eating and exercise protocols, strictly following meal plans and workout regimen in order to reach their weight or fat loss goal.

These women were extremely dedicated and committed to doing all that was necessary to get RESULTS! In fact, to attain even better results, many of them enrolled in the program repeatedly and some were aspired to become personal trainers themselves.

We can’t lie, Team 2xtreme Divas was a huge success.

Take a look at some before/after pics for verification that the program worked.

Amazing results, right? These women absolutely put in the work to be Fit’n’Fab, where they deserved to be, but long-term, for some, they would find themselves back in that “before” place.

We’re talking about that place where there would be feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment and doubt.

That place where she’d ask herself, “how and why did I let myself get back to this place I despised?”

Can you relate to this? Most women, if honest, know exactly what this feels like!

We also can admit we were those women with those exact feelings. Both of us have tried tons of diets that didn’t work and /or competed in several Figure (bodybuilding) competitions in hopes of keeping off the weight and still, that didn’t work either.

We both were fed up with this journey of supposed self love and self care.

This journey of yo-yo dieting or emotional eating.

This journey of tirelessly working out to get results and realizing none of our endeavors were permanent.

What was the SOLUTION?

We had to do some “program soul searching” and this was not an easy task. In fact, the redesigning of this program is what brought us together as consulting partners. This searching meant we had to be raw and candid with ourselves and delve deep to know why we failed personally even as experts in this field.

Approximately one year after intense research and taking classes in modern applied psychology, we found the program’s loophole, our loophole as well. We recognized the program lacked two key components required for you to have sustainable Fit’n’Fab results:

1) the ability to permanently change your brain or thought behavior and

2) the correct maintenance plan to suit your lifestyle in the months and years to come AFTER the program ended.

These two key components were huge game changers for us and we got busy implementing these changes. We decided the Team 2xtreme Divas program needed a makeover and should be referred to as the Free, Fueled & Fit program.

This new name and redesigned concept is centered around you being able to Free your mind of unhealthy behaviors, eat to Fuel your body properly to naturally lose weight, and find physical activity that Fits into your lifestyle on your own terms.

Free, Fueled & Fit better reflects the goals we are working towards achieving as coaches and women. It addresses how we want you to feel after the program ends and as you transition from under our direction to living your life freely going forward.

You have the power to create the woman you want to be in body and mind and we have the resources to make it stick.

If you appreciated the before/after pictures from the previous program, read some of the written testimonies received.

Think about it. If these women felt unstoppable and FREE in a program with limited focus on behavior change plus no solid maintenance program, imagine how you will feel with these components included in your program. Imagine where you will be in 6 months, 12 months, or 5+ years from today.

You absolutely can experience this in your life. All you need to do is take action and take back control of your outcome.

And, we are not the only advocates for accepting our bodies, eating to fuel or engaging in physical activity for the right reasons. Even well-known influencers understand and respect our concept and they too are striving to love themselves and be FREE.

If you’re ready to finally learn how to break-up with your body struggles and kick these behaviors for good, identify the type of eater or dieter you are, and receive your own body development plan, follow our simple 3 step system below and be on your way to being Free, Fueled & Fit (forever).

If you completed the 7-Minute Mind, Body and Health Goals Workshop, you may skip Step One if you are already convinced you need this program and are ready to speak with a CoachProceed to Step Two.

STEP ONE OF THREE– Watch our Video Training

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STEP TWO OF THREE–  Schedule a confidential strategy session with one of our Advisors.

If you think we’d be a good match for you, schedule your call with us. On this call, you will receive your own personalized Body Development Plan which will teach you how to break-up permanently with emotional eating, ineffective dieting, and the dreaded physical activity. Please provide a valid email address where you receive messages daily and a mobile phone number.


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If you are not ready to break-up with these behaviors yet or are on the fence, consider one of our supervised or unsupervised Programs and Challenges; we’re sure you’ll find something that satisfies your needs and wants.

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