SuperME Coaching offers 3 key services to clients:

Strategy Planning– Coaching focused on creating a tailored body development (emotional, mental and/or physical) plan based on your specific needs and goals related to being FREE, Fueled & Fit using an anti-dieting regimen. Requires watching our online video training followed by a 30-min mandatory strategy session call to join. All calls are done via phone or Zoom Video conferencing if out of the country.

Programs – Plans that already exist, are personalized to your circumstance, and closely supervised by one of our coaches or staff members. Programs follow a specific schedule and some requirements must be met in order to participate. Most Programs are done over text, email, our App or Zoom video conferencing. On rare occasions, face to face interaction may be required.

Challenges – Preset interactive, fun and educational competitions challenging you to  change your lifestyle, fitness and/or eating habits. Challenges have minimal coach supervision; however, you are motivated by a coach and all members and able to ask questions while in the Challenge. All Challenges are done using our App and Zoom video conferencing.


Can’t decide which service may be best for you. If you want expert advice on which service is best for you, request an appointment with one of our Coaches or Advisors by clicking here.