Programs are plans that already exist, are personalized to your circumstance, and closely supervised by one of our coaches or staff members. Programs follow a specific schedule and some requirements must be met in order to participate.

Most Programs are done over text, email, our App or Zoom video conferencing. On rare occasions, face to face interaction may be required.

Did you know that when you pay for and complete the 21-Day Supervised Fat Adaptation Program, you will receive a $75 Congratulatory Graduation Travel eGift Card to be used exclusively with our assigned independent travel agent as soon as you’d like.


21-Day Supervised Fat Adaptation Plan


Did you know your weight is hormonally regulated? All that’s necessary is reducing your fat-storing hormone, insulin, and you’ll effortlessly lose excess weight. There are no magic pills or potions involved and exercise is recommended but may not be required (confirm with your trainer if exercise is needed).

The trick: EAT delicious food.



SuperME Analysis Plan

Look amazing in whatever you put on! Although I no longer focus on training clients, the skill and expertise of my independent trainers can be utilized through one of my most popular online programs available for males and females, the SuperME Analysis Plan.

The SuperME Analysis Plan is perfect if you are already pretty proficient in the gym; however, you have a few problem areas you can’t correct on your own. Bottom line – You want specific targeted results!



SuperME Divas & Gents Competition Prep


Competition Prep is normally for spring and fall natural shows or the Transformation Showcase.  Categories we specialize in are bikini, figure, bodybuilding and physique including masters.

You must meet specific requirements to join this Prep program and to compete in a natural sanctioned competition. If you do not meet the requirements to compete in sanctioned event,  you will need to start in a pre-Prep program which may include being on another plan first or you can compete in the next Transformation Showcase.