Cyber Monday

You missed Black Friday but deals for up to 50% OFF are still available today.


Formerly known as 2xtreme Divas, this program and its redesigned concept is centered around you being able to FREE your mind of unhealthy behaviors, eat to Fuel your body properly to naturally lose weight, and find physical activity that Fits into your lifestyle on your own terms. Two key components to help you sustain your results have been added and they are 1) the ability to permanently change your brain or thought behavior and 2) the correct maintenance plan to suit your lifestyle in the months and years to come AFTER the program ended.

Sale: 25% OFF

*Must watch Video Training and attend a Strategy Call by Dec 6, 2019.  Additional perks will be sent after call is completed. Use the link below to reserve your discount.

When checking out, $1.00 will be held on a credit/debit card to verify you are a true and real person.


The 4-Wk Body Analysis Plan w/Consultation is perfect if you are already pretty proficient in the gym; however, you have a few problem areas you can’t correct on your own. Bottom line – You want specific results!

Our body analysis program is designed to help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your workout – resistance training and cardio- which are prohibiting you from receiving maximal results. This program is delivered online and any add-on face to face training sessions start at an additional fee of $75 per session depending on location agreed to by the assigned trainer.

Normally $300.
Sale $175.00


21-Day Individual Keto Challenge

This individual challenge focuses on low-carb, high-fat nutrition (LCHF) and involves avoiding or limiting sugar and starches so your blood sugar will stabilize and your fat-storing hormones will drop. This challenge is perfect if you want to increase fat burning, feel more satisfied while eating, reduce food intake and lose weight.

Normally $297.
Sale $147.00


28-Day Individual Transformation Challenge

You absolutely do NOT want to miss the 28-Day SMT Challenge where you decrease sugary habits, get healthier and transform your body in just 28 days!!! Participate from anywhere. This is perfect for all levels especially if you’ve been sedentary the last few months and can’t get it together. This is our most popular Challenge to date which is why we consistently offer it; therefore, if you ‘ve never participated, we suggest you jump on board while it’s on sale.

Normally $297.
Sale $147.00


SURPRISE DEAL: 30-Day Kickstart Coaching

Can’t find the program or challenge that suits you? No problem. Create your own custom kickstart coaching package with me, Coach Cass.

This package includes a meal plan of your choice focused on high fat/low carb, high protein, or balanced based on your body mass index and projected body fat. This also includes personalized exercises based on your workout preference AND 4 online personal training sessions (may be individual or group contingent on time).

Normally $597.
Sale $297.00