Challenges are preset interactive, fun and educational competitions encouraging you to change your lifestyle, fitness and/or eating habits.

Challenges have minimal coach supervision; however, you are motivated by a coach and other participants and may ask questions while in the Challenge.

Did you know that when you pay for and complete the Transformation Or Keto Challenge, you will receive a $50 Congratulatory Graduation Travel eGift Card to be used exclusively with our assigned independent travel agent as soon as you’d like.

$50 Gift for you at Challenge completion



28-Day SuperME Transformation Challenge


You absolutely do NOT want to miss the 28-Day SMT Challenge where you decrease sugary habits, get healthier and transform your body in just 28 days!!! Participate from anywhere. This is perfect for all levels, male and female, especially if you’ve been sedentary the last few months and can’t get it together.



21-Day Keto Challenge


This is our newest challenge introduced for the first time in October 2018 and the results of women who participated was incredible. This Challenge is a bonus if you already completed the 21-Day Supervised Fat Adaptation program; it reiterates things learned in that program plus has a written Success Manual to help you further.



21-Day Intuitive Living Challenge

Who is sick and tired of dieting, tracking, restrictive eating behaviors and the like? If this is you, you absolutely must learn about our newest and most exciting challenge to date. This challenge has been fully tested and has proven results. It will absolutely blow your mind because it’s completely against the grain in the fitness and nutrition world.