You know how it feels to soar in success professionally yet fail miserably in your body image, mental acceptance of self, or health? 

Do you know how many times a woman complains or thinks about the way she looks and feels throughout the day?

We bet you’ve consumed yourself with thoughts of wanting, wishing and hoping you could find that next diet, gym or trainer who will help you finally reach “that” goal.

We, Coach Heather and Coach Cassandra, are the women who help you permanently kill these negative thoughts and complaints and successfully and effortlessly attain your body and/or other goals.

It is our personal journey and failures, combined with fitness and nutrition experience plus classroom business education, that moved us to be partners and offer programs and challenges to women to help them determine which nutrition and physical activity suits their busy lifestyle the best.

We invite you to use the links below to explore our various services such as our redesigned Body Development Plan program for professional women called FREE, Fueled & Fit or consider the Challenges section where the Transformation and Keto Challenge are housed.

We must not forget to tell you that aside from receiving life changing results when you follow our direction, upon successful completion of select programs or challenges, you will be rewarded with a Celebratory Graduation Travel Gift Card to use exclusively with Dema Agency & ATB.


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