SuperME Coaching combines our Consultant’s own personal journeys and fitness and nutrition experiences, along with classroom business education, to help executive, managerial and entrepreneurial women, struggling with emotional eating, dieting and physical activity, create realistic and long-term health and lifestyle solutions that align with their professional trajectory.

Executive not only refers to the woman directing or managing a business, it’s for all the mom’s who run a tight shift in their homes full-time as well as the driven employee who handles their job responsibilities like a boss.


If you have ever wondered…”What if the weight loss or fitness industry I’ve been relying on for years has been  misleading me?” or “What if after thorough expert client research it has been proven I can have a normal, healthy, and loving relationship with what I eat and my body?” or “Just what if the so-called traditional “way” was never the solution but the “way” for me to fail?”…


….We understand where you’re coming from; we have been victims of these lies as well.

Check out the below box for common side effects then take action and get control over your body once and for all:




Even if you are not ready to permanently end your relationship with dieting or strenuous physical activity, consider some of our other challenges and programs which may be more related to your current goals.